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Basket Stamped Accents, Inlaid Beaded Design On Cheeks Green: 8918 Pink: 8915 Orange: 8916
Rawhide Laced, Silver Spots, Rawhide Braided Covered Buckles
Basket Stamped, Doubled and Stitched, Flat Beaded Inlay Cheeks and Ear, Lace Ties Assorted Colors
Solid Beaded Brow, Basket Stamped Accents, Inlaid Beaded Cheeks Purple: 8814 BB Pink: 8815 BB Orange: 8816 BB
Double SS Cart Buckle, Lace Tie Cheeks.
Braided Nylon Sideline Hobble
Economy, Colt Size, Black/White
Russet Leather, Border Tooled, Light Oiled
Three Way Roper, Heavy Doubled and Stitched
Solid Navajo 100% Wool Blanket, 36"x34" BLACK
Contoured Canvas Work Pad
Flat 3/4” x 8’ braided barrel rein with four easy grip knots and brass plated hardware. Many Colors Available.
Made of Herman Oak harness leather, these top quality reins are ready to use. 5/8'' Wide, weighted ends, 8' long, lace tie water loops
3" Neck, 2" Tread
3" Neck, 2" Tread
Curved Squegee Type
Equestria™ Sport Small Oval Strap-Back Body Brush: ASSORTED
Squeegee Type
Antique 5'' hinged port mouth, silver mounted
5'' mouth 3 1/8'' dees.
SS Wonder Gag Bit, 5" Snaffle Mouth, 7-1/2" Cheeks.
Spoon Correction Bit, 5" Correction Mouth with Twisted Wire Bars, 6" Silver and Copper Mounted Antique Brown Cheeks.
5 1/4" BS Chain Mouth, 8" Stainless Cheeks.
Antique Brown Correction Bit, 5" Mouth with Copper Bars, 7 1/4" Loose Silver Mounted Cheeks.
Straight black nylon cinch with removable PVC backing and nickel plated hardware. 28”, 30”, 32”, 32”, 34”, 36”
Strong black diamond PVC covered cinch with a heavy duty web center. PVC moves with the horse to help prevent chaffing and soreness. The easy to clean PVC cinch features 3” stainless steel buckles and 1” dees. 32”, 34”, 36”
Show Spur with Longhorn Motif and Engraved Silver Trim
Colored junior steer head with rods. Pink
1/4" x 4" Braided Nylon, Waxed
5/8'' color poly lead w/ bull snap Assorted Colors LM/BLK and PK/BLK are on closeout
10' Cotton Lead, Brass Plate Bolt Snap.
5/8'' color poly lead w/ brass snap Assorted Colors LM/BLK on closeout
5/8'' Colored poly lunge line, 25', bull snap. LM/BLK & PK/BLK on closeout
Leather Plaited 3' Bull Whip
Adjustable leather strap quick release.