Two Piece

5-1/8“ Sweet Iron Brushed Curved Snaffle Mouthpiece With Copper Inlays. 6-1/2” Shank with stainless steel floral trims
5 1/8" Two Piece Snaffle Mouth, Silver Mounted Antique Brown Cheeks, Rein Rings
5 1/4" Lifesaver Mouth with Copper Wrapped Bars, 7" Silver Mounted Antique Brown Cheeks
Two Piece Snaffle Mouth With Copper Inlays, SS with Antique Brown Dotted Cheeks
Stainless Steel Training Bit, 5" BS Thick Mouth, 6 1/2" SS Cheeks.
Two Piece Snaffle Mouth, 8 1/2" Silver Mounted Cheeks.
5 3/4'' Cheeks, smooth sweet iron 5'' two piece mouth.
Black Satin 5" Mouth 6" Short Shank Cheeks
Black Steel 5'' two piece snaffle mouth, 8 1/2'' cheeks.
Silver mounted bit with 5'' two piece mouth with copper inlays and 6'' loose cheeks.
Black Satin 5" Snaffle Mouth, Copper Wire Wrapped Bars, 5-1/2" Short Shank