Twisted wire mouth, 6'' brown cheeks with dots
Medium twist gag bit, 6'' cheeks, 5'' sweet iron mouth.
Brown clear rhinestone gag bit, sweet iron ported chain mouth.
Stainless steel junior cow horse, sweet iron twist w/ dog bone. 5'' Mouth, 6'' cheeks.
5" Sweet Iron Twisted Wire Snaffle, 7-1/2" Cheeks.
Copper Twisted Wire 5" Snaffle Mouth, 7" Cheeks
Antique brown sliding gag dog bone. 5 1/8" Mouth, 7 1/2" cheeks with dot trim.
Stainless Steel Sliding Gag Bit, 5" Sweet Iron Chain Mouth, 6-1/2" Cheeks
SS Wonder Gag Bit, 5" Snaffle Mouth, 7-1/2" Cheeks.