Dog Bones

6-1/2" SS Cheeks, 5'' BS twisted mouth with dog bone
5 1/8" Chain with Dog Bone Mouth, Silver Mounted Antique Brown Cheeks, Rein Rings
SS Dog bone futurity western snaffle, 5'' mouth, 6 3/4'' cheeks.
Black Satin Training Bit, 5" Three Piece Snaffle Mouth, 6" Cheeks.
6" SS Cheeks, 5" three piece dog bone mouth.
Antique finish, 5-1/8" sweet iron, 3 piece, copper covered dog bone mouth piece, 7", stainless steel, floral trim cheeks
Antique brown floral bit dog bone with copper rings.
5" Sweet iron dog bone mouth, 5 1/2" silver mounted cheeks, rein rings, brushed finish.