Dee Rings

5" Snaffle Mouth W/Copper Inlay, 3" Rings.
Stainless steel D ring bit with 5'' copper mouth.
Antique offset Dee bit 5" snaffle mouth piece with copper inlays and dots.
5'' mouth 3 1/8'' dees.
Brown Dee ring with copper inlay snaffle mouth 3" ring with SS dots
Stainless Steel slow twist 5'' mouth.
Dee Ring Bit Features a 5" Copper Snaffle Mouth with 2 7/8" Rings.
Dee Ring Floral Snaffle Bit. 5-1/8" sweet iron brushed mouthpiece with copper inlays. D-rings with floral trim.
Racing Dee, 5'' rubber covered mouth 2 7/8'' dees.
SS Dee ring bit 5" twist black steel mouth.